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I received an inquiry from one of my clients asking whether or not I’d done any food photography before. Since I don’t promote it that much on my website, it’s an honest question. “Yes!” I exclaimed…yet my food photography portfolio was dreadfully old now and I wasn’t satisfied showing the pieces I had previously shot as a reflection of what I could do now. Styles change and my skills have certainly improved over the years. Plus I now had an ace in my back pocket, my very talented wife Dana.

Dana has an affinity for all things old antique, and pretty, and ornate. She also has a keen eye for colour palettes and what props work with each other. Since we live in what some may call an old granny house, you can imagine we have a lot of stuff that Dana has collected over the years that would work for this shoot.

I’m sure you can tell by now this shoot was for a bakery who does cakes and other sweets. It was certainly nice to have all this dessert related food around the house, even though if I would have to classify myself as a sweet or salty person, it would be the latter. I did have fun sampling all the product though and I may have indulged a little too much on one of the cakes. Needless to say, my road to “diabetesland” got a little shorter.

I’m super happy with the way these photos turned out and I hope it will open some more doors for my photography. If you are a local proprietor of a bakery, pub or barbecue joint (you know how much I love my smoked meat!), I’d love to hear from you! Let’s work together!



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