Swans of Loon Lake 03

This is it. This is the one. After many (unsuccessful) attempts at documenting the “bird conference” that the swans were attending on Loon Lake every day this past winter, I finally made some photographs I’m happy with. It was a brisk, misty morning and there were about 25 swans clumped in various locations around the lake. At one point they all started to converge on one area, making for some amazing panoramic views of the swans and the tree lines behind them. I just love how the snow has covered the tall grass and reeds that are on the small islands throughout the lake. They add some texture and visual interest to the expansive ice that has formed on the lake.

There’s something about images that contain mist and fog that are so captivating when shot in black and white. I love how the swans literally pop off the page given the contrast of their bodies against the misty background.

Winter is much more exciting when you have views of nature like this!



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