Sparks Street Ribfest

I like ribs!

There I said it. Got that off my chest. Whew!

Living with a wife who doesn’t eat red meat or pork and a son who has a typical kids bland carb-based diet can be tough when you enjoy meat as much as I do. I try to barbecue at home as much as possible because at least that way I can make sure everyone has an option or two for them to eat. We’ve noticed when attending events out our way there isn’t always a “vegetarian” option which can be tough.

So attending ribfests and other barbecue events like these means that I go it alone, which I’m totally ok with because I just bring my camera with me and we explore the area together while filling my belly with delicious 🥩

As you can see from the photos below, I went to Ottawa expecting one thing, but came home with photographs of a completely different nature. It was a beautiful sunny day and exploring shadows and reflections that the tall buildings created ended up peaking my interest more than the barbecue joints. I mean, the Sparks Street Ribfest was a lot of fun to attend, and I will probably go back next year, but it was being in downtown Ottawa with my camera and a bit of time to explore that really got me excited on this day.

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