Scott Kelby’s World Wide Photo Walk

Back in the middle of July, my good friend Chris Kirkpatrick and I participated in Scott Kelby’s World Wide Photo Walk (Link here). For those of you who are unfamiliar, Scott Kelby is a professional photographer and a widely recognized Photoshop guru. How known is he you may ask? Well, to put things in perspective, his photo walk idea garnered over 32,000 participants in over 900 cities!!! That’s pretty popular if you ask me!

So Chris and I met up with 48 other photographers and began walking through the Distillery District in downtown Toronto. Photo walks are all about shooting with other photographers, and sharing ideas and techniques. Unfortunately, Chris and I had to leave early because of an unforeseen circumstance but I got to fire off 5 frames before we left.

This photo walk was also special because each participant was allowed to submit 2 images for judging and had the possibility of winning prizes…..many, many prizes. The leaders of each photo walk were to pick one image from their group to submit for judging on a global level.

….and low and behold, 1 of my five frames got selected! I was the winner of the Distillery District photo walk. What did I win you might ask? Well, I won a copy of Scott Kelby’s latest book: The Digital Photography Book, Volume 3 and the honour of having my image compete against 900 other images submitted from around the world. It is a complete honour to be in some great company and exciting to have been recognized like that.

Here is the image I submitted that won:

*EDIT* The winning images from the global competition were announced today and it looks like I didn’t win there but that is ok! If you are interesting in seeing the winning images, Click here.


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