Quebec City Weekend Away

Quebec City is one of our favourite places to visit. It’s got all the things that we look for in a trip/vacation spot: A location steeped in beauty and history; wonderful & friendly people; great food; and lots to see and photograph. Dana and I took a break and visited Quebec City in the Autumn of 2016 but Oliver had never been so they both surprised me with a little 40th birthday celebration weekend. It has been years (dare I say decades) since I had been to Quebec City in the Winter. It was definitely cold but not unbearable. Plus it was amazing to see the city blanketed in snow.

Way back in my teens, I DJ’ed at Le Bistro Plus while working for Rhythm Force Productions. It feels like a lifetime ago but it was fun to see that the venue is still there.

We visited the Musee National Des Beaux-Arts Du Quebec which is an art gallery/museum built using parts of an old jail. It was an amazing afternoon to walk around, enjoy art, and make some photographs of the historic architecture.

The above is definitely my favourite image I made that weekend. I love how Oliver is in silhouette walking down the stairs and you can see the beautiful architecture of the gallery.

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