Perth Road Touring 02

It’s another weird day here today in Eastern Ontario. It’s like five degrees and the sun is trying to peak out of the clouds to give us some of that wonderful Vitamin D that we all crave during the winter. Yet, the school buses were cancelled (2nd day in a row) because of “treacherous” driving conditions this morning. I guess looks can be deceiving.

It’s on days like today where I crave the other three seasons like nothing else. Mother Nature is teasing warmer weather, yet I know it’s still another couple of months before we will actually see (and feel) it for ourselves. So I resort back to looking at my photos and clinging to the memories they recall. The warm glow of the sun as it illuminates everything around it; the cool breeze as it touches my skin; the long lazy days that seem to accompany the beauty that I see.

Those are nice memories. Those are memories I keep close to me.

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