Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival

When we moved the Eastern Ontario, I did a quick Google search of events that happen throughout the summer that I’d might like to photograph. I thought it was a good way to (1) possibly have some new experiences (2) get out and explore the area and (3) maybe stumble upon a new photographic adventure or two. Well I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered the Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival: a four day competition combining exhilarating boat races and amazing Canadian bands performing each night. I love live concerts and even though it’s what attracted me to the event in the first place, I’m happy to say documenting the Dragon Boat races was equally exciting.

The other gigs that I had booked in June only allowed me to photograph the Saturday’s events, which included performances by Old Man Grant, Rebelle, The Fast Romantics, Hollerado and Wintersleep. I’ll post photos from each of those concerts in subsequent blog entries.

For now, enjoy some of the photos I took during Saturday’s races.

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