Newboro-Elgin-Jones Falls

With the backlog of images I have in my archive, I’m going to come across some real doozies I am sure. This one is no exception. I’m really sorry I didn’t post about this little trip when I actually shot it THREE AND A HALF YEARS AGO! I mean, WTF? I must be the worst journal-er ever!

In all seriousness, this was wild. One of those afternoons where you just hop in the car with no destination in sight. Just you and your camera, stopping wherever something catches your eye. I love those days!

This little trip took me through Newboro, over to Elgin, then down to Jones Falls. Because it was technically “out of season” there really wasn’t a sole in sight. The perfect opportunity to make some moody, high contrast, black and white images.

I’m really proud of these and even happier they are seeing the light of day.

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