National Gallery of Canada

I’ll admit, living in Toronto and not spending more time at the Art Gallery of Ontario (the AGO) was a crime against the art world. I literally had some of the best artwork in the world within a 40 minute drive from where I lived and I had been to the AGO only a handful of times. A HANDFUL!

To remedy this within the first couple of months of moving out East, I made a visit to the National Gallery of Canada. It’s now about an hour and a half drive but I love their Group of Seven collection, especially Tom Thomson’s artwork and they had a photography installation on so it was a good time to reacquaint myself with Canada’s Art Gallery. I spent a fantastic couple of hours wandering the halls, surrounding myself with inspiring art. The building itself is art in itself with the way the shadows and light dance through the structure. I can’t wait to go back and be inspired once again!


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