My 100 & Me [Week 44]

Out for a walk in the Westport Harbour, you make all sorts of discoveries. What caught my eye this afternoon was the dead fish, reflecting the high summer light off of their overturned bellies. Not a pleasant sight, but an interesting one to my camera lens. I’m guessing this is just a product of all the boats at the dock, some fish lose their life so we can have the convenience of parking our water-craft against a floating sidewalk.

I’m definitely a realist when it comes to this sort of thing. There are a number of reasons why these fish have died, and they could have nothing to do with our thirst for bigger/larger/newer water toys encroaching on their ecosystem. Truth is, sea and aquatic life are losing their lives in much worse conditions around the world, but I digress.

Back home, I snap a couple of frames of the light bouncing just perfectly off of Dana’s mannequin form she has dressed up in our room. Still life that I can get behind….without any loss of life!

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