My 100 & Me [Week 38]

Dana will probably kill me for making another blog post about the dust and cat hair that I find (and document) throughout Tett House. Truth is it’s as much my responsibility to clean it up as it is hers. I just like to take photos of it first, especially if the light is just right. The Fujifilm x100f does a fantastic job at close focusing on this stuff so I can make it look larger than it really is.

What would life as a photographer be if it wasn’t for the standard reflection-selfie shot? I mean, we’re all locked away here during the pandemic, gotta practice my portrait photos on someone right?

And once in a while, I can get a smile out of Oliver. I probably made some wise-ass comment about his socks getting a cookie before I can get one…🍪

Man this post must seem like the weirdest collection of thoughts and images. Well, this is pandemic life!

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