My 100 & Me [Week 31]

This is really an “odds and sods” post. It’s a collection of images that really don’t have any reason to be together. But, since this is my online journal, I can do what I want 😎

As I mentioned in my Week 30 post, it’s been bitterly cold here. I mean, really, really cold. When it’s windy, we really feel it in the house as the wind whips up over the hill from the pond and hits the side of the house. In the winter, having fires in our wood stove are commonplace. The heat that comes off is warm and inviting. We love sitting around the fire, enjoying food and drink and some family time.

Dana loves to have different trinkets and objects around the house and sometimes I don’t even see until one day the light is just right and something that has been there for a while catches my eye for the first time. This is the case with this little (fake) plant on our mantle in our dining room.

I was traveling for a gig in Toronto the week I took these photos. I was trying to get in the habit of documenting the rooms I was staying in….not sure why but it seemed like a fun thing to do at the time. I had to make the typical self portrait in the mirror of course 🤦🏼‍♂️

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