My 100 & Me [Week 27]…New Year

I’m not one for resolutions but after the last year, it feels like it might be a good time to hope for something better. I hope that the world gets it’s shit together in 2021. I hope that people stop dying from COVID-19. I hope that people stop blaming each other for their decisions and start to show a bit more compassion and understanding. I hope that many of my friends who are also small business owners, survive this time and the coming recession. I don’t want to look back on 2020 and know that Taco Bell was the only food chain to survive the “Franchise Wars” (a la Demolition Man). It’s highly unlikely but you get my point (I’m looking at you Amazon).

Lots of people believe: new year, new beginnings. I was never one to make promises to myself that I couldn’t keep, but it also feels like we are in a big reset right now. And if you’ve ever been a sole proprietor, you know that January 1st comes around, and you are starting again at zero, resetting all your spreadsheets and documents, changing your archiving system over to a new year, etc. etc.

… year, time to figure out where we are going….where I am going.

Below is a pretty accurate representation of my business right now: Move some of the red numbers around so many times that they start to swirl together with the others, blended and stirring so much so they start to become less of a prominent piece of the whole picture. It’s also a good look at where my head is at, jumbled and out of focus.

It’s definitely a strange time. 2021, here we come.

Blend and stir…..stir and blend.

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