My 100 & Me [Week 27]…again

As I lie here bedridden for the last couple of days with a very painful back problem, I find my mind wandering. You see, TV really just doesn’t cut it for me. I don’t have the personality that can just sit down in front of a TV screen for hours on end and keep my mind on topic. I’d rather be doing something….anything. Those that know me recognize that a computer screen is probably different than TV because it’s interactive, there is input involved. That’s probably why I can stare at a computer screen for hours and hours and still feel accomplished. Unfortunately, even writing these couple of paragraphs with my laptop on me is painful enough to keep this short and to the point.

So when you are lying a quarter cocked to the right, unable to move without a painful dagger being plunged into your lower back and dragged down your left leg, it’s really difficult to stay motivated and keep your mind focused on the only thing you can do, which is watch TV. I mean, the movie I watched last night (The Way Back starring Ben Affleck) nearly ruined me when the film’s surprising twist came up and I ugly cried and did inevitable damage to my back’s recovery. Gotta find a better way to pass the time.

So, these images I took of a sunrise overlooking Loon Lake remind me of the beauty that surrounds me here at Tett House, even though it’s too painful to get out of bed to enjoy it.

For now, time will heal all wounds and lucky me, I’ve got time to spend. Any ideas of what I should watch next?

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