My 100 & Me [Week 26]

We’re in full blown winter here now. Minus teens at night, not much warmer during the day. Snow covering just about everything. Can’t get my feet warm no matter what I do. Going to have to move my office setup back downstairs to the dining room for the next 4+ months where I can be closer to the fire. Necessary evil I guess, trading the privacy I need to work for the warmth of our wood stove. That’s probably one reason why earbuds were invented.

I stopped to take a photo of this lone cow, separated from his/her pack. I wonder if he is a dreamer, wandering away while he has his head in the clouds? Or is he an outcast, being shunned from the warm methane-filled group of other cows? Either way, dreamer or outcast, there really isn’t much difference is there? Blindly following the pack never got us anywhere.

We live fairly close to Perth ON, a cute little town about 30 minutes north-east of us. My parents moved there and they seem pretty happy, other than the trains that go through town every hour, blowing their horns as the go. Day or night, you can always hear the train horns. Perth was actually the town that I wanted to move to (that or Kingston) before we found Tett House. Guess I sidestepped a life complaining about trains, lucky me.

I don’t know why this billboard with the peeling graphic of a Big Mac always makes me chuckle but it does. “Is a Big Mac with bacon still a Big M….a…..c? Is that even a question? Bacon makes everything better, even the crappy Big Mac.

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