My 100 & Me [Week 22]

It’s been unseasonably warm these past couple of days and it will extend into next week. Days and weeks blur together like an out of focus lens that sometimes it’s hard to tell if this has happened in November before, or if it’s just another curveball 2020 has thrown us.

But since it’s warm outside, I find myself reminiscing about summer days, full of warm breezes, the sun full in the sky, and refreshing water.

We love renting a pontoon boat (shout out to Norris’s) and spending the day out on the Upper Rideau, preferably with friends and family. There isn’t much better in life than being out on the water am I right?

I stood out on a log this morning, watching the sunrise and letting it’s warmth envelope me. When I closed my eyes, I could transport myself back to that summer day, where all of life’s pain, injustice and hatred just faded away. It was just for a moment, but the peace and calm that came from that second or two gave me the strength to carry on my day.

So if you will take any advice from me today, step out from behind that desk, or open that shop door, and enjoy what November 5th, 2020 has to offer, even if it’s just for a moment.

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