My 100 & Me [WEEK 20]

As I often drive by this little body of water, I’ve constantly wondered who build this awesome structure on the bank? It doesn’t appear to ever be used, as I’ve never seen a boat or other watercraft down below. I can’t see any paths leading back to larger buildings or houses, which peaks my curiosity because someone (or a group of people) decided on this location for a gazebo, with no apparent way to get there, or to even use it.

And so every time I travel this road to Perth, I always space out and dream what it would be like to have a little place, overlooking the water, with no path to get there (i.e. the road less travelled) and no disturbances from the outside world. It’s an easy daydream, especially with the world being on fire these days, I just want to escape reality for just a second.

Full Stop.

Then in the next instant, I discover these pastel-coloured, beautiful flowers growing on a wire fence and I think, I can make something of that. Something of my own that is peaceful, tranquil, and often misunderstood. Something that offers my mind an escape, just like that remote gazebo offered to some lucky owner.

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