My 100 & Me [WEEK 12]

More abstract images from the archives. These were originally posted to my Instagram feed so for the few of you that follow there intently (thanks hun!), you may have seen these already. My apologies.

During the summer, you can really see the greens, yellows and browns come out in these pieces. Experimenting with motion and slow shutter speeds always brings some interesting results.

To me, these first three give me the sense of lateral motion, with the “fogginess” that comes with watching the landscape pass you by while driving in the country on a Summer’s day, maybe on the way to a vacation spot. The motion can be quick, the views fleeting but the feels all remain the same. Nature has a wonderful way of playing with your senses.

The final two in this series were created as the sun started to get real low, providing the warm glow through the trees. It contrasts well against the backdrop of these darker images.

Be well my friends. Thanks for making it this far with me. MTC (more to come).

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