My 100 & Me [Catch Up – End of Series]

Wow, I’m not really good at this journaling thing! I let this blog sit for multiple years, which seems to be my M.O. as this has happened before. But after this post, let’s start anew ok? I’d like to start posting here regularly again, because I’m almost ready to launch my new website, and I need a place away from socials to post what I want to.

So this entry will be mainly a photo dump. I had several more weeks of “My 100 & Me” series to post but never got around to it. Today I’ve gone through the images taken over those missing weeks and they are below for you to view.

This series really was about me documenting life in the country. It was me carrying my trusty Fujifilm x100f with me everywhere, and making photos when something caught my eye. There wasn’t much intentionality to it, other than making sure I had a tool with me (always) that I could trust to capture what I saw.

If I was to say anything about learning from this experience, I would say that being a photographer is much more than just picking up a camera when want to, your memory, and critical eye are definitely muscles that need to be worked on, and trained. Just like any of life’s other pursuits, you get out of it what you put in, and this series helped me do that in a lot of ways.

So enough of me gibbering on, here are the photos. I’ll see you all again soon (I promise).

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