Murray | McAloney Wedding Reception

Sarah Murray and Chris McAloney were married in Las Vegas earlier this year and to celebrate, they had a wedding reception for friends and family at the Rotary Glen of Brampton. I was approached by Sarah’s sister Serena about doing some photography for the event and we decided that a “Mock Photobooth” would be the way to go! Guests were able to let loose in front of the camera and I was there to document it! This type of setup is great for capturing images you can then send to your guests in their thank you cards. Some guests use the opportunity to get a nice portrait done with their families, others just get goofy in front of the camera. Any way you look at it, the event gets documented and you have some fun images to boot.

Some of the images I captured are below.

And if you are interested in adding a photobooth to your next event, please contact me here.


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