Mextures Experimentation

One of my jobs as a photographer and a creative is to experiment. With every experiment, there are usually a number of different conclusions you can draw from your findings. When you creatively experiment, the findings aren’t usually as black and white as they are in other industries. But experimentation is important to a photographer because it helps with his/her arsenal of skills when it comes to client work. Many clients like a unique perspective and a unique look to their photos, but they don’t want to “experiment” on their own dime. So, a  photographer must be ready when a client asks for a specific type of photo or photoshoot.

I’ll be honest, I don’t experiment much with iPhone photography apps. I don’t enjoy having a phone full of cluttered apps I don’t use. Instead, everything is neatly organized in their own set of groups (Productivity, Utilities, Social Media, Video, Photo Apps, etc.) and it takes a lot for me to add a new app to these sections without there being a specific reason for it being there.

But I have wanted a photo app on my phone that would allow me to do some of the “creative” things that I can do on my laptop with Adobe Photoshop. Things like using multiple layers, light leaks, texture overlays, etc. etc. That’s when I stumbled upon Mextures. This app does exactly what I need it to do thus, it found it’s way onto my iPhone. I see now that I just visited their website that they have a texture pack for Photoshop too. Interesting!

Below are a few “experiments” from images found around our house.


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