Loon Lake Sunrise 02

The end of Loon Lake that our property is on offers a beautiful perspective for Sunrises. When the lake is calm and the clouds wisp through the sky, there is nothing more peaceful than watching the sun rise over the horizon. The only problem? I’m not a morning person. Lifting my head from my pillow in the morning is difficult enough but when it’s super early, man I struggle! So when the clocks go forward in the Fall, it’s the perfect time to wake up early (but not too early), get out, and see what I can see with my camera. Luckily on this particular morning I was treated with these:

The two images above are for sale as limited edition prints through my Etsy Shop: the ONEofNINEproject. Please visit the link if you are interesting in purchasing one of these as a print. I can confidently say you won’t be disappointed.

Finally, the following four images were taken in sequence just as two Canadian Geese flew through my frame. How Canadian is that?

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