Live Theatre: The Secret Garden

Amazing Artistic Director and good family friend Dia Frid has started a new venture called FridKids ( The main mission of FridKids is:

To explore the canon of children’s classical literature and take it from the page to the stage.

I think that’s a pretty amazing mission to work towards. The first production that Dia brought “from the page to the stage” was The Secret Garden. This was a perfect opportunity to get a mix of young and old onto the stage to perform this classic piece of writing. I feel very fortunate to have been able to capture this performance for Dia. The actors and actresses did a fantastic job of bringing The Secret Garden to life. The production team also did a wonderful job with the costumes, set design, sound and lighting. The performance was well received as there was a packed house at the show I went to.

The next production will be Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonder-land” and it hits the stage at the end of June. For more information about this and about FridKids, please visit

I’m sure you can probably tell by now that I really enjoy photographing live events, especially live theatre. In some ways, a live performance is a good representation of how I see the world: through small tableaux of light, colour and gesture. A good live performance, whether it be theatre or a concert, ties many of these moments together to create a stream of consciousness that envelops the audience. I can almost lose myself in the documentation of these performances if the pieces connect with me. It’s an ethereal experience, one that I think we need more of in our lives.

So make sure to get out and support the artistic community you live in. I assure you, your brain and your heart will thank you. And if you are a performer, director, or any other type of artistic person who has a story to tell, I’d love to work with you!





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