Live Concert: Old Man Grant

Old Man Grant was a band I had not heard of. But after seeing their performance live at the Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival, they are definitely a band I want to see again. Maybe I’m just partial to another man who has a beard as epic as mine (!!!), but I think in this case there was more to that. I love the description of the band from their bio page on their website:

Thunder & Spit & Harmonious Clatter. A multi-instrumental group blending blues, bluegrass, and Americana folk, Old Man Grant are a northern take on a southern sound. Hailing from Ottawa, Ontario – a humid town built on wetlands – and inspired by the dark tone and inner turmoil of the southern gothic, this Canadian group has come up with a unique style at times called the “Bytown Swamp Stomp”.

The guitar the lead singer plays is pretty awesome too!



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