Kingston Brewing Co

The beautiful city of Kingston has many restaurants, coffee shops and gastro pubs strewn throughout the downtown core. You literally have dozens of choices at your fingertips. For a city of just over 125,000 people, this is definitely a highlight for me and one of the reasons why we moved to the area: small town feel, big food and drink choices.

With that in mind, my first stop would be: Kingston Brewing Company. With an impressive list of local beers on tap, the Kingston Brewing Company has loads of food and drink to offer even the discerning palette.

The decor is a cross between “kitschy eclectic” and historical preservation. The stone building the pub sits in exudes history and they even have a little patio tucked in behind (or in between it’s hard to tell) more buildings. On a nice warm day, the patio is certainly the place to be. The bar inside if full of old bar taps, beer steins and more paraphernalia which just adds to the look and feel of the place.

On this afternoon I sampled their pulled pork sandwich and a local beer they were featuring that day. Having been fortunate to see (and taste) the amazing bar-b-que flavours that are coming out of some of the joints in Toronto (Cherry St. Bar-B-Que and Adamsons are high on my list!), I had high probably unreachable expectations for this meal. Despite the pork being a little dry for my tastes, it was a nice treat to have local barbecue and I expect to be back to sample some more of their fare real soon.


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