Jill & Andrew’s Wedding

From the moment I met Jill and Andrew, I knew they were perfect for each other. Jill is strong, articulate, vibrant and beautiful and Andrew compliments her simply by…complimenting her!

No, In all seriousness, what makes their relationship work, at least in my eyes, is their uncanny ability to be what the other needs them to be – just at the right moment. You don’t always see this with every marriage, but it is clear these two wonderful souls have it. And by the time their wedding day arrived, they made it look like weddings were a piece of cake, floating through the day with style and grace.

Jill and Andrew’s wedding took place at Langdon Hall ( www.langdonhall.ca ) in Cambridge Ontario on July 4th, Independence Day in the States. They had a beautiful outdoor ceremony, followed by cocktails on the patio and dinner in the Orchard Room. The weather welcomed the union of Jill and Andrew by providing a bright, blue, sunny day, one that wasn’t too sweltering.

I extend a very heartfelt thanks to the Jill and Andrew’s families for allowing me to be a part of their special day. Below are some pictures I took during the days events.


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