Habitat for Humanity Fundraiser

My concert photography experience has brought me full circle. At first it was friends DJing or playing acoustic guitars around a campfire. Then it was my big break getting to work with The Tragically Hip shooting their shows for their website 10 years ago. Ok there might have been a few steps in between there but you get the picture – pun intended of course 🙂

But I hadn’t shot a show in a couple of years and honestly, I was anxious to get back at it. So when the opportunity arose, I had no problem jumping at it. On this evening I got to work with my favourite company to document a fundraising concert for Habitat for Humanity at Revival Nightclub in downtown Toronto. And what a great night it was. It was revealed that over $350,000 was raised during their fundraising efforts. Amazing right?

I was honoured to be able to document this wonderful evening and I hope this is a first step in getting back into concert photography.


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