Gumdrop Tree

As I continue to work my way through my archives of blog posts I didn’t get to post during the winter (don’t hate), more and more wintery scenes are popping up. Here in Eastern Ontario, it has finally changed to Spring. As I look out my window today, the birds are playing and singing delightfully; the buds on the trees are sprouting by the second; and the sun beams down to warm the Earth and me as well. It’s a far cry from the snowy scene of our “Gumdrop tree” which sits outside of our house.

But I love these two images and just had to share them with you. I love how Dana decorated this little tree for Christmas and I love how the snow has draped itself on it’s branches. So take a break from your beautiful day, wherever you are, and just for a split second, enjoy the brighter side of winter with me.

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