Foggy Fifteen Highway

It’s crazy to think how some simple fog can change the mood and atmosphere of a photograph. On this day in November, I was on my way to Smith’s Falls when I hit the wall of fog. Having my trusty Fujifilm camera with me, making some unique photos of what I saw along the way was a breeze. The fog over the lakes just outside of Portland (Ontario) made me actually feel like I was in Portland Oregon!

Some of my favourite photographers (AOWS and the videos from Aidin Robbins) utilize fog in their artwork masterfully. When you are able to minimize background distractions, you are able to somehow see (and create) with a focused eye.

I also love how photographing these scenes in black and white really accentuates the grain of the images, adding another layer and depth to the photos.

It doesn’t happen often, but when you get a foggy morning like this, get out and make some photographs. You might surprise yourself!

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