Equine Guided Learning Centre

For those that might not know, on top of being a highly rated, exceptionally helpful photographer, I also possess some marketing skills. Way back when I went to Ryerson Polytechnic University for a program called “Graphic Communications Management.” While studying what was basically “elevated graphic design,” I also received a minor in multimedia. This was one of the first smart choices I made in life because as I started to realize that print design, although important to me at the time, was never going to be my career, having a multimedia background directly complimented my photography skills. It’s come in extremely handy.

For a few years now, I have been working with another small business as they put together a marketing plan, branding, website and promotional materials. The business is based around “Equine Guided Learning” and how horses (and specifically the herd mentality), can help us be better listeners, better leaders and definitely better people. Photography is a big part of this branding process and as we build a catalogue of imagery we can use, we start to see the beauty the farm and the horses has to offer. It’s currently a work in progress but I thought it might be a good opportunity to show what I’ve been working on. I’ll definitely make another blog post when the website is up and fully functional.

For now, some atmospheric photos of horses 😉


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