County Road 36 Touring 02

Continuing with some more images that I made while traveling North on County Road 36 from Westport Ontario to Maberly, these particular photographs speak to me. They do something to my soul. Not sure if it’s the way the tree trunks are half covered in light and half fall into shadow, or just the sheer height of the trees themselves, but being in a forest (manmade or not) helps me feel like I am part of something. I feel less lonely, even though when I see these images processed and on my computer screen, I can feel my loneliness in them. I’m not traditionally a lonely guy (I can fend for myself and do enjoy the comfort of my own thoughts most of the time) but everyone has their days I guess.

Unlike the previous set (Part One can be found here), these images work better in black and white. I was “chasing shadows” that day and the tall pine trees that I found were casting beautiful shadows on the white, snow-covered ground. I’m happy to have found this great spot to photograph. I imagine it will be just as striking in the other seasons we look forward to here in Canada. I can’t wait to return.




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