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The Front of the BoathouseEvery year my family makes the trip to our cottage. This might not seem like a daunting task but of course you don’t know where my cottage is. For as many years as I can remember we pack our car to the brim, empty our bladders, and drive. Living in Brampton and having a summer cottage in Northern Ontario is quite common. Living in Brampton and having a cottage in a little town called Iron Bridge, six and a half hours away, is unlikely. But, this is my family tradition. And if you could experience the feeling of tranquility that comes with my cottage, you would understand why us city folk partake in this unusual ritual every year.

This year I made some photos of interesting elements in and around Cedar Tip (our cottage). It’s very beautiful there and I hope that you’ll be able to see what I mean….even for just a second.


Shutter on boathouseOld logFootprints in the sandThe dock

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