Black as Night

Are you ever up late at night, in the dead of February, and wonder how you are ever going to make it til the morning? Do you turn on all the lights in your house, trying desperately to illuminate a path out? Do you look out at the endless snow, the -30 degree weather, and think: “will this ever end?”

For me, the February blahs are a real thing. Call it lack of vitamin D, or just being cold all the time, or even just sometimes questioning life’s choices. Whatever you want to call it, this series of images is named: “Black as Night, Trapped Inside.”

I’d like to tell you it came from a deep, meaningful place but truth be told, it just represents all those long, sleepless, winter nights. Sometimes all you can do is get up, grab your camera, and document what you see. And before you know it, March is here.

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