Bedford Mills Pond Textures

I know I’m tempting fate. I get it, it’s the last thing that you want me to do at this point but we are safely into the month of June so I’m hoping that by posting these photographs, I’m not going to be calling on some freak snowstorm to happen to us. Stranger things have happened but I also don’t believe I have that kind of control over the weather.

Back in April we had two days in particular that brought snow back into our lives, just when we thought we were done with it for the season. There was still a bit of ice left on the pond and this light dusting of snow made for some really, really cool textures. You know me, I love me some textures. That coupled with the amazing shadows that the tall trees on the hill were casting, well let’s just say I was in my glory.

Maybe snow in April isn’t so bad after all…

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